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Raleigh's Neighborhood Trash Can Cleaning Service

Never Touch A
Dirty Trash Can Again!


Tired of dealing with stinky trash cans? Welcome to Can King! We take trash can cleaning to the next level, providing curbside service that cleans, sanitizes and deodorizes your trash cans. Can King treats you like Royalty!


Can King offers Monthly, Quarterly

and One Time cleaning Services


Have your cans cleaned once a month.

One Can - $17

Two Cans - $22

Three Cans - $28

Four Cans - $32


Have your cans cleaned every three months. 

One Can - $25

Two Cans - $30

Three Cans - $35

Four Cans - $40

One Time

Have your cans cleaned just once.

One Can - $40

Two Cans - $50

Three Cans - $60

Four Cans - $70

*Prices are subject to change

If you would like more frequent service, please contact us.

Request Can Cleaning
Thanks! We will reach out to you shortly.

How it works

In just three simple steps, you will have the cleanest cans on the block!


Submit a Service Request here on our website.


Receive a confirmation message from us. 


Have your cans empty and out front of your home on your scheduled cleaning day! 

Bobby K

"Nick responded quickly to my request and provided great information and got me on the schedule right away. He came out on Monday which is trash day and got my can looking and smelling like new. I highly recommend this service."
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